I Imagine

I imagine angels met you at the gates with a standing ovation


I imagine the well done’s acknowledging your faithful service came shortly after.


I imagine you causing uproars of laughter


I imagine heaven is exactly how you pictured

Perfect like every scripture

You read at the head of the dining room table



I imagine daily you still sitting there reading words of life that you would soon actualize

I imagine sometimes that your still alive

A selfish desire

I imagine you finally resting

I Imagine stories being told for generations of the hero you were

Superman to a Compton clan

And your Louis lane had a sultry voice

And this Louis name was Joyce

Victory came in your ability to conquer poverty

To conquer curses that wiped out black families generationally

I imagine that you had a conversation with God like Deuteronomy 33

Blessing and protecting every part of your legacy

I imagine days before your last breathe

On your last leg

You took heed to Jesus in Gethsemane

Where in Matthew 26:41 he said

To Watch and pray

And I am sure you did because your spirit was always strong even as your body withered away

I imagine that you Miss Your Baby and family

Yet heaven had an assigned seat for you and you always showed up on time

See there always is a time

A time to weep and a time to laugh,

A time to mourn and a time to dance

I imagine that we will be spending time doing it all

I Imagine how strong you had to be just to hold on. To carry yourself from sickbed to walker

You were a soldier by the definition


I was there for your last breathe

I watched it leave your lips

I still remember the sound

Holy Spirit told me it would happen

So I was prepared for this

And no one else was around

I Imagine your last breathe matched your first in heaven

That last exhale would accel you to excel into his excellence

I Imagine that when the world is struggling as a whole to breathe that you decided to selflessly

Be one less person taking up oxygen

That you went home to get it settled in for us.

That you pioneered past roads the world tried to lay out for you

I imagine that you have sown prayers that only Synai may manifest

That the earth quaked when the weight you carried shifted

I imagine you are preparing to drop your mantle

That we are your greatest treasure

That we will carry your name into spaces you never even Imagined

I Imagine that we will be in position when this all happens

In position to watch you be carried up

To Catch legacy you left

You didn’t leave us

You are just continuing to lead the way

My prayer is that we make you proud in your absence

And into eternity

Because I imagine that we will be there together



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